Swear on Satan you won't scream

Kristyn. 16. Korn. Columbine. Nine inch nails. Nirvana. Of Mice & Men.
Flyleaf. Sleeping With Sirens. Alesana. Pearl Jam. Deftones. Marilyn Manson. BMTH. KMFDM. My Chemical Romance. Sublime. Blue October. Disturbed. Seether.
Charles Manson. Serial Killers. Mass Murderers. James Holmes. TJ Lane. Timothy McVeigh. Supernatural. The Walking Dead. The Hobbit.
Richard Ramirez. Jeffrey Dahmer.
Corey was really hot

Corey was really hot

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    agreed lol
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    I was just waiting for someone else to say it.I am going to hell.
  11. 6yr said: i thought i was the only one. thank god i have you in my life
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